"Gracanica" Serbian Orthodox Church

1960 Meldrum Road ~  Windsor  Ontario 


Continuing with the maintenance and upkeep of our Gracanica Church, more renovations and upgrades were recently completed.

The Bell Tower restoration, in it’s second week, had a few rainy days and wind disruptions which delayed the completion until Friday. This week, repairs to the lower copper roofing will commence.

Those who attended services this weekend, saw other repairs and renovations which were completed. The parking lot was completely overhauled, repaved and new lines painted, while the grass area was cleared and gravel placed. The lamp posts and railing around the church were also painted.

Thank you to all those who gave their time, efforts and support to help with repairs around the church. We are blessed to have so many parishioners who volunteer their time working towards the betterment of our Gracanica Church and Community.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With the generous financial support of many of the faithful, we were able to meet our bell tower roof fundraising goal!

With the spiritual support of those of you who regularly assure us of your prayers for our efforts, we are inspired to continue working on improvements which will ensure that Gracanica always has a safe and welcoming environment for prayer and spiritual growth.

We still need your help to continue with the good work in maintaining the beautiful gift that is entrusted to us - our beautiful Gracanica Church. Please consider making a donation today!

To Donate online, please follow THIS LINK which will take you to our donation page where the methods our detailed


if you prefer to make a donation by cheque, please mail to:

Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Church
1960 Meldrum Rd.
Windsor ON, N8W 4E2

Cheques are made payable to the "Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Church"

Thank you for your support!


Proto Vladimir Vranic, working with the Greek Clergy in Toronto, has been participating on a project dealing with the Orthodox perspective on marriage. The short video was intended to be circulated at schools and universities. 


The film was produced to support couples in modern day society where divorce is so incessant in order to better comprehend why marriage transpires into divorce so frequently.  This is a guide on how to salvage your commitments to each other and how to have a better chance at a life full of happiness within your marriage. 

Dormition of the Holy Theotokos - August 28th, 2019

The article about our Church Slava can be found with multiple photos on the "Источник" website.

Read the article in Serbian                                               Read the article in English


The much anticipated 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book is now complete. 

Books are available for purchase  at the Serbian Centre during working hours. There is a limited quantity of books for sale and the books will not be available for order once sold out.

Ad Sponsors and pre-ordered books are available for pick up at the Serbian Centre during working hours.

Thank you to all who supported the creation of this book from the Book Committee to our Book Sponsors and those who submitted any info and media!  We've already received so much positive feedback from those who have received their copies.